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Helping Those Accused of Crime in Florence Arizona

Aggressive Defense in Federal Immigration and Drug Criminal Cases

The majority of people who are awaiting trial in Florence, Arizona are charged with violating federal criminal laws.  In Arizona, most federal criminal prosecutions involve alien smuggling, illegal re-entry after deportation, and drug trafficking.  The majority of the defendants accused of these crimes also lack lawful immigration status.  This means that, not only will they likely remain in custody in Florence until the conclusion of their cases, but they also face the risk of deportation at the end of their criminal cases.  As lawyers who focus on the intersection of immigration and criminal defense, we concentrate on finding solutions for our clients in Florence that will provide them with the best opportunity to avoid lengthy prison sentences, and to preserve the opportunity to fight to remain in the United States with their families.

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El Bufete de Abogados de Matthew H. Green está concentrado en la defensa agresiva de inmigrantes.

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The Law Offices of Matthew H. Green is focused on the aggressive defense of immigrants.

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